Game of the Week: Schley County @ Marion County for the 4-A Div A Title

It’s deja vu for the Marion County eagles as they host Schley County in week one and now week 10 for the second year in a row.

“They beat us around this time last year and we remember the faces and the tears we had and it’s just not happening again,” says Marion County junior quarterback Trice McCannon.

This time around the region championship is on the line after an undefeated season.

“This week is special because Marion County had a run of about six I think it was region championships, one state title in there, and then we had a two year break in there that we didn’t get, so we are excited to get the region back I guess you can say,” says Marion County head football coach Chris Kirksey.

For Schley their one blemish on the season comes from, you guessed it, Marion.

One advantage Schley will have this week, in comparison to week one, is having their four star outside linebacker Zykeivous Walker back in the game.

“The first two games of the year, we gave up 56 points, after that we’ve given up about 50 points or 49 points in the next eight games, so he makes a tremendous difference,” says Schley County head football coach Darren Alford.

Three years ago when coach Alford took over the program, the Wildcats had just come off an 0-10 season. This year they are competing for what could possibly be their first region title.

“This is going to be exciting, first time ever in Schley County that it’ll happen, I don’t know I can’t even imagine the feeling, i’m getting chills talking about it, just thinking about it,” says Schley County senior wide receiver/cornerback Ja’Myron Clayton.

The infamous rivalry will take place from Marion County, Friday night at 7:30pm.

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