Halloween Humidity Uptick

Stormy Thursday Afternoon/Evening

Warm weather continues to pile in via the southern Plains, and higher humidity is not too far away.

Tonight will remain comfortable, but it won’t be quite a cool as the previous night.  Halloween will feature more sunshine and warmth with high temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s.  Whew!

Higher humidity will trickle in Halloween before ramping up Wednesday night and Thursday.    Meanwhile, a strong cold front approaching from the Plains will dive into this higher humidity, triggering heavy thunderstorms Thursday afternoon into the nighttime hours.   The question is, can there be damaging winds and an isolated tornado?   For now, the possibility is real.   However, it may come down to the placement of an area of low pressure near the gulf coast.   This low pressure wave will help enhance the intensity of the storms.   If it’s able to trek this far north, then damaging winds will be the biggest problem.   However, if it hugs the coast to our south, the air flow around here may be disrupted enough to inhibit severe weather.   Regardless, showers and thunderstorms will be returning.

Showers may linger in the wake of the cold front for part of Friday.   Sunshine returns this weekend, and with it being the longest weekend of the year (time to fall back!) it’ll be time to get outdoors, and enjoy!

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