Warm To Stormy

Severe Weather Risk

A tranquil, mild start to the workweek will give way to stormy weather; perhaps severe weather.

For now, clear skies by night will bridge the gap between sun-filled days.   Comfortable nights will also give way to more afternoon warmth through Halloween, Wednesday.   For some, temperatures will peak in the 80s!

However, this warm air will also give rise to more humidity by Wednesday and Thursday.   There will be no problems, with the exception of melting candy, for trick-or-treaters.     The concern comes Thursday afternoon and night, as a cold front runs into this warm, humid air.  The result can be damaging winds associated with thunderstorms, so plan accordingly and know where your safe spot is located.   An isolated tornado is also possible, along with flash flood in any torrential thunderstorm.

Much like a cycle, the weather will return to tranquility this weekend.  And, it’s the longest weekend of the year, as we turn the clocks back at 2a.m. Sunday.  Stay tuned, and stay safe.

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