Game of the Week Preview: Auburn vs. Central

Two of the top programs in the state of Alabama go head to head this Friday as No.3 Auburn travels to Phenix City to take on No. Central.

“We are just looking forward to competing against them on Friday night. We are making sure we know all of our assignments and we know the game plan, so we can go out there and execute, so we can make our city proud,” says Auburn high senior outside linebacker Mohamoud Diabate. 

“I mean this game is deep, you know in baseball it means a lot, and basketball it always means a lot, and right now in our region we are really the two ones going at each other, so we’ve lost to them in the past and we definitely kind of a have a chip on our shoulder and we really want to get this last win especially as seniors,” says Auburn high senior quarterback Griffin Speaks. 

This game means a little more with the region title on the line, but for Auburn they are preparing for this week like they have every game all season.

“We are going through the same process we do every week. It’s nothing any different. We are really trying to give the kids a process each week to prepare and it gives them a process of development. I think if you focus on the game only, you lose sight of that and that’s regardless if you’re playing in a championship game or not,” says Auburn high head football coach Adam Winegarden.

One thing these two teams have in common, aside from their undefeated record, is their motto of finishing.

“The things we are trying to this year revolves around the word finish which comes Friday night with an opportunity to go 10-0, with an opportunity to win the region, undefeated again, and undefeated season so you know we are exited for the opportunity. Opportunities come along very few times in life like this so our guys understand what the moment is on Friday night,” says Central high head football coach Jamey DuBose.

Their game plan is simple.

“We’ve just got to be fast and physical, just tempo,” says Central high senior left guard Jonquavious Boykin.

“One of our goals is to just maintain him, therefore if we can’t stop him, maintain him, but we are going to try and disguise him, throw him off his game, get his eyes wondering about what we are doing so therefore just hope we throw him off his game,” says Central high senior outside linebacker Wallace Melton.

Regardless of the outcome Friday night both of these two teams have the potential to meet again in the playoffs.

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