Scholar Athlete: Calvary Christian Football, JD Murray

Calvary Christian junior JD Murray knows it takes more than just athletic ability to play football in college.

“Colleges aren’t just interested in athletics, they are interested in what you can bring to the academic side of it, so I figure if I’m a decent athlete and I have good grades, that it will help me out,” says Calvary Christian junior JD Murray.

Murry is currently taking AP calculus and AP chemistry, playing varsity football in the fall, and varsity soccer in the spring all while maintaining a 4.27 GPA.

“It’s really just time management honestly. You know soccer practice isn’t until later in the day in the spring and that helps out. Football is just staying up late and just making sure you are rested for the school day, just getting all of your stuff done as much as you can in school. I have free periods throughout the day, so just trying to get as much as I can done,” says Murray. 

Athletics and academics are not the only priority in his life.

Murray has to consciously be aware of his blood sugar level.

“I’m a type one diabetic so my pancreas no longer produces insulin. I’ve had that for six years. It’s just, it’s kind of just a normal thing now, like you don’t even think about it, but definitely at practice you know I have to maintain it, drink gatorade, some times glucose shots, which is just straight sugar, you know take more or less insulin, eat food. It can be stressful sometimes especially in the heat of the game, you know you want to be in, you want to be an impact with the team, but if your sugars not, you know there, then you’re not helpful,” says Murray.

It’s a total team effort with type one diabetes.

During games his mom checks on his blood sugar every five minutes with a monitor called “dexcom” and radios to the trainers when he needs more gatorade or more water.

While it’s challenging with the disease, he wants to encourage others to not be afraid to play sports.

“Missing out on something like four years of high school football because of diabetes, is pointless to me, you know I would rather go through the challenges of it that would make me a stronger person throughout and you know all that,” says Murray. 

He hopes to play football in college when he graduates. Congratulations to JD Murray of Calvary Christian school this week’s WLTZ scholar athlete.

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