City of Opelika Sold It’s Fiber Optic Network, OPS One, to Point BroadBand for $14 million

The city of Opelika is selling it’s municipally-owned fiber network assets.

The OPS One sale passed by the Opelika city council Tuesday night.

With the purchase, Point Broadband, a West Point, Georgia company, will take over all TV, phone, internet and video services currently provided by OPS One.

The city of Opelika, though, will maintain its electrical smart grid assets and continue to provide power services to business and residents through Opelika Power Services.

“It was time for us to do this. I think they’re going to do terrific things with what we have existing and when they expand that,” said Gary Fuller, Mayor of Opelika.

OPS One’s launch in 2012 made Opelika Alabama’s first “gig-city.”

The fiber optic network built, back then, provided gigabit speed to Opelika businesses and customers.

“We’re very pleased to continue the great things Opelika did to bring fiber to the market place here. That’s fantastic, that’s our mentality to bring competitive fiber to the market place,” said Todd Holt, CEO of Point Broadband.

But, in the last few years, OPS One has struggled in it’s efforts to grow.

The city pushed for state legislation to expand OPS One internet and TV services outside of Opelika city limits.

But, other cable and internet competitors successfully lobbied against bills that would have allowed that growth.

“We attempted on three occasions to get the legislator to expand beyond our city limits, into North Auburn and rural Lee County, Beauregard, and we could never do that because we couldn’t get the law changed,” said Mayor Fuller.

So, now the city, and new owners, believe private ownership will help it thrive.

“At Point BroadBand, our approach is, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This ain’t broke. This is a great network and we are going to continue this great network with these great people,” said Holt.

New owners say OPS One plans and rates will remain the same.

Customers will see no differences on their monthly bills. Only the name of the new provider, Point BroadBand.

The transfer of assets becomes official on November 8.

All OPS One employees will transfer to Point BroadBand with the same positions and salaries. The Opelika city council also agreed to have Point BroadBand in the same building as Opelika Power Services on Fox Run parkway. The employees will be in the same area as they were with OPS One.

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