“New Look” Panthers Football Program


Before the 2018 season the Smiths Station football team hadn’t won a game since August 26th, 2016. The Panthers set a record for most losses in a season going 0-10 in 2017. This year they are 5-2 heading into week eight under the direction of Mike Glisson.

“Some of them want to make a difference. Some of them wanted a change. I think once they saw how we were going about things and our enthusiasm, they joined in and they started seeing progress, and then we play that first football game and win and we hadn’t won in 18 straight games. I mean that did a lot,” says Smiths Station head football coach Mike Glisson.

From getting hired in January, to the first game on August 24th, coach Glisson’s journey to getting the Panthers back to a winning team wasn’t easy.

“You know that is something we have had to battle, is commitment. Understanding that you’ve got to be here everyday. You’ve got to show up ready to work and come out here with the right attitude and sometimes you have to to give attitude adjustment if it’s not right and get them started,” says coach Glisson.

The players have bought into what coach Glisson is trying to accomplish at Smiths Station and his motto of “win the day.”

“He brought in a new idea and how to do stuff and that just brought the team together,” says Smiths Station senior defensive tackle Devyn Harris.

“I like that coach Glisson is really…disciplines us. If somebody steps out of line he’s ruthless with them and you’re not going to do it again,” says Smiths Station senior defensive end Jacob Powell.

“We are just all motivated to do well and that’s really changed around here,” says Smiths Station senior wide receiver Carter Duke.

Not only has coach Glisson brought in his own ideas, but he’s also learned a great deal from the players at Smiths Station.

“I think I’ve learned from them, resiliency. You know you talk about a bunch of kids that for two years were nothing but put down and made fun of and picked at about not having the success that they wanted and they’ve made a difference. They’ve made a change, you know, they’ve turned this program around and we’ve got a long way to go, but they’ve got us going in the right direction,” says coach Glisson.

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