Game of the Week: Smiths Station @ Auburn

The last time Auburn high and Smiths Station met on the gridiron, Auburn blew out the Panthers 52-7. This year Auburn knows that they aren’t facing the same team.

“It was a lot different story last year when we were playing them and they are actually in the running for a playoff spot right now, so they are hungry and I’m sure they are excited to come play us and we are looking forward to the challenge,” says Auburn high senior wide receiver/defensive back Cally Chizik.

“They are quick. They are physical. They will hit you in the mouth, so I mean we’ve just got to execute and play our best and we know they are a good football team,” says Auburn high senior wide receiver Tommy Nesmith. 

The Tigers are currently undefeated on the season, but feel like there are still some areas they can improve on as a team.

“We don’t feel like that our best game has been played yet. We don’t feel like we have put all three phases together yet in a football game and I think there’s been times that we have played and executed well in certain phases. but not as a total team yet, so you know like I said scores can be deceiving,” says Auburn high school head football coach Adam Winegarden.

Smiths Station on the other hand is 5-2, its best record heading into week eight since 2015. Mike Glisson took the head coaching job back in January and has put life back into the Panthers football program.

“His attitude. His commitment. I mean he keeps us motivated and we believe in him and he believes in us,” says Smiths Station senior wide receiver Carter Duke. 

“I think once they saw how we were going about things and our enthusiasm and our energy and things we did, I think they really they joined in and then we played that first football game and win, and they hadn’t won in 18 straight games. I mean that did a lot that did a lot to bring them around,” says Smiths Station head football coach Mike Glisson. 

In preparation for Auburn, the Panthers main focus this week is to limit big plays, tackle well, and run the football.

“We are trying to get better everyday, trying to win the day. That’s our motto and that’s how we are going to approach it and we are going to go to Auburn on Friday and we are going to let it all hang out and see what happens,” says coach Glisson. 

Kickoff is set for 8:00pm eastern time at Duck Samford Stadium.

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