Opelika Mayor Forms Commission To Combat Crime & Violence

Five murders in Opelika is five too many.

“When we had three in a two week period, we had to get right in the middle of this to make a difference. We have to do something different. What we’re doing is not successful. We have too much violence,” said Gary Fuller, Mayor of Opelika.

So, Mayor Fuller has recruited 32 community members to staff a commission aimed at curbing the killings.

“We have ministers, judges, the school superintendent, police chief, chairman of the school board and business owners,” said Mayor Fuller.

The group comprised of four sub-committees:

First, families.

“If we can restore the nuclear family, then that’s a major move forward,” said Mayor Fuller.

Then, youth and education.

“How do we reach them at an age to learn about values, staying in school those kinds of things,” said Mayor Fuller.

Finally, resources.

“Any organization that’s available to assist DHR, Boys and Girls Club, the police department, businesses and organizations like that,” said Mayor Fuller.

The police department is also involved in the effort.

“We’re going to do everything we can along with the churches and the schools and business leaders to sit and talk with these kids to get information for them as to how we can address and put a stop to some of this violence,” said John McEachern, Opelika Police Chief.

A start, the mayor hopes, to unite the community to address increased violence.

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