Heat To Rain

Hello October

High heat lingers across the region by day as sunshine gives way to patchy clouds.   Mild nights with clear skies bridge the gap between those hot days this weekend.

Higher humidity creeping back into the picture next week may be enough to help more clouds to build and tower through the daytime sky; eventually lending to a stray afternoon or evening thunderstorm.   This should cause the streak of 90+ degree days to come to an end, although it will remain well above average in the heat department.

Meanwhile, a broad area of low pressure shifting from the western Caribbean to the southeast Gulf of Mexico may also have something to say about our weather.   The steering winds for the path of that tropical moisture will depend on a few factors; one main feature being the strength of the storm system over the Desert Southwest .  The stronger that storm, the more likely the plume of heavy tropical rain misses us to the west and north.   However, the weaker that western storm, the more likely we can get a thorough soaking for the second half of next week.    It’s also possible this developing tropical feature becomes a depression or tropical storm, and stalls near the coast.   Most certainly stay tuned, and enjoy your weekend.

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