Hot Summer (Fall) Weekend

Next Threat To Get Wet

A lone sprinkle will dot the landscape this evening.  Fear not.  If you have outdoor plans, the warmth of Summer will be the biggest challenge.

Friday will be very similar to recent days in terms of heat and patchy afternoon clouds that may spark a sprinkle in a few neighborhoods.   No record high temperatures are expected, but 90+ degree weather will be the rule for many.

This weekend will feature more of the same in terms of Summertime heat.   However, it’s during this time frame that moisture from the western Caribbean will shift into the southeast Gulf of Mexico.   Since our latest high pressure heat pump will slide offshore into the Atlantic Ocean, the door will be left wide open for that tropical moisture to move in our direction for the middle to latter stages of next week.   There is a decent potential for this feature to become tropical storm Michael, so stay tuned.

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