Veteran Remembered as Symbol of Strength

Retired Navy Chief, 3 War Veteran Killed by Home Intruder

Family and friends gathered to remember not so much about how John Dawson died but how the three war veteran lived, 92 years faithful to God, his Country and his family.

Dawson was attacked and killed in his own South Columbus home by an intruder last Monday described as mentally deranged. Dawson, his wife and neighbor were attacked in the ordeal.

John Dawson’s Pastor from Northside Baptist Church said it was important to remember how John Dawson lived.

Dawson, he said was a man who was willing to give his life for his country serving in three different conflicts aboard five different aircraft carriers.

An enlisted Sailor, Dawson worked his way to the highest rank of Senior Chief.

“He was a huge advocate for Vetrans rights. he was a huge advocate of our military but even more strong he was real strong in his faith, Christianity and his family and humanity,” Commander Ron Jones said. Dawson was a member of the American Legion Post 135 in Phenix City for 44 years.

His marriage the preacher told the crowd was the kind of love story people only dream of and he would still kiss his wife Virginia goodbye when they would part only briefly to attend separate Sunday School classes.

¬†John Dawson ‘s last act on Earth was an effort to save his wife of more than seven decades .

He died  coming to her aid according to those familiar with what happened inside his home the day an intruder barged in and attacked the couple.

“The testimony given to me by his wife Virginia was that she answered the door and John came to her aid immediately and literally died protecting his wife,” Jones said.

The Pastor reminded mourners of the Navy motto Semper Fortis meaning forever strong (always powerful) noting John Dawson showed strength up until the final moments of his life.


Three War Veteran Killed by Home Intruder

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