Teen Shot Dead in His Own Yard

Victim Shot in Broad Daylight Shocking Neighbors, Seasoned Detective

A teen  was shot dead in his own South Columbus yard baffling neighbors and family members.

The mother of the victim wailed on the sidewalk as investigators scoured the scene for clues.

Witnesses reported hearing the gunfire just after 10 AM.

“I had heard one gun shot and it was pretty loud,” one of the victim’s neighbors told First News.

By the time neighbors reached the Spencer High Student in his own yard, it was too late.

“When I got there he was laying down on his back and trying to, you know, well I guess he was grasping for his life but when I seen that he was , he only took his last breath and that was it, his last breath,” the neighbor said.

Friends and family weren’t the only ones shaken.

The shooting in broad daylight left seasoned homicide detectives shocked as well.

“In fact, Ive been walking around here talking to people I’ve known for since I was a kid. I mean there’s a lot of school teachers in this area that you know taught me and friend I had out here back then and then I rode the beat as a patrolman. It doesn’t happen on this street,” Police Major JD Hawk said.

For now, homicide detectives remain tight lipped about a possible motive or if they have any persons of interest.

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