Bloody Walls Lead Cops To Gruesome Scene

Columbus Teen Charged With Aggravated Cruelty to Animals

Bloody walls and dog fur lead to the arrest of a local teenager.

The Columbus teen was living in foster care when the stray dog caught his attention.

The black dog wouldn’t leave the property according to police so the 17 year old brought it inside and beat it to death.

Police were called to the Club Hill Apartments by an adult male described as a foster care provider after another teen recounted coming home to find black fur and blood on the apartment’s living room walls.

Renardo Welch reportedly told the teen he ordered a stray dog to go away but the black dog failed to comply.

So he let him in the apartment and using a yellow plastic broom stick  proceeded to strike the dog repeatedly in the head.

Welch admitted dumping the dead dog behind the apartment complex.

The police officer testified he searched the wooded area to corroborate the story and discovered the gruesome scene.

The officer found the black dog , dead he said from a viscous beating.

Judge Julius Hunter initially set a 15 thousand dollar bond but his court appointed attorney told the Judge that Renardo Welch was a high school senior and needed to be in school in order to graduate on time.

The Judge reduced the bond to the minimum $2500 for the Aggravated Cruelty to Animal charge.

The teenager who will turn 18 this Saturday remains in custody for now but could return to a group home if released on bond.

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