High Heat; Moderate Humidity

No Rain

High pressure remains the dominant feature across the region, leading to dry weather, hot weather, and moderate humidity weather.   Now, this dome of high pressure likely will not be breaking down anytime soon, but it likely will change its orientation, or shape, as we head into early next week.    So, for the remainder of this week and through the weekend, you can keep those outdoor plans.   Do keep in mind that it will be near, or in excess of, 90 degrees!   No record high temperatures are expected, as they are in the mid to upper 90s, but it sure will be close.

A change in that high pressure dome will lead to a shift in the wind next week, perhaps allowing for higher humidity and spotty afternoon or evening thunderstorms.   At the same time, a disorganized area of clouds over the western Caribbean will be monitored for possible tropical storm development.   Even if there is formation of tropical storm over the next several days, there is no guarantee that any tropical moisture will head our way.   Nonetheless, continue to stay abreast of the weather, and enjoy!

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