Three War Veteran Killed By Home Intruder

John and Evelyn Dawson Part of the Greatest Generation

John Dawson was a three war veteran having survived WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

At 92 years old he was doing yard work and tending to his wife the day Detectives say a mentally deranged man broke into their home and destroyed their lives.

A standing room only crowd appeared in Recorder’s Court

where stunned relatives of Evelyn and John Dawson fought to keep their composure.

Darius Travick stared straight ahead with no emotion as the Judge rattled off the charges and listened to court testimony.

The Dawson’s had just finished their laundry and yard work when Travick barged into their Victoria Drive home Monday morning wearing only boxers

89 year old Evelyn Dawson confronted the wide eyed suspect in the kitchen before she was beaten and knocked unconscious.

The suspect armed with a pairing knife, turned his rage towards her husband of 71 years.

the retired Navy Senior Chief who had survived three wars was dead on the scene.

By the time police arrived, Travick  was completely naked , sticking his tongue out at officers as he sat in his own mother’s car.

It was not revealed in court if the suspect was under the influence or mentally impaired at the time of the incident.

“Obviously in any criminal case someone has mental health issues one, whether or not they are competent to stand trial is paramount. Then also two, whether or not the person is in their right sate of mind during (the time) the incident actually occurred,” Travick’s criminal defense attorney Stacey Jackson said.

Travick is currently being detained in the mental health ward inside the Muscogee County Jail without bond.

Evelyn Dawson is recovering from the attack and cooperating with investigators.

The elderly neighbor who was assaulted attempting to aid the couple is also recovering and appeared at the preliminary hearing.

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