Game of the Week: Pacelli Vs. Brookstone


The Brookstone Cougars have had a great start start to their 2018 campaign. They’re sitting at 3-1 on the season thanks to some great Senior leadership.

“We’re learning how to lead, we’re learning how to lead by example,” Says Brookstone Head Coach, Blair Harrison. “There’s a lot of good things going on that shows progression in our program.”

As the Cougars fight in practice to keep the ‘Brocelli’ jug in their possession, they know this week means a little more.

“It’s a lot more focus and the intensity is really high. It’s a big game,” Says Wills Cottrell, Brookstone Senior Fullback and Linebacker.

“I guess, obviously there’s extra emotions,” Says Chris Edmonds, Brookstone Senior Wide Receiver and Defensive Back. “Cross town rival, been our rival for the longest so there is always going to be those extra emotions in the game.”

Just down the road, the Pacelli Vikings have a winning record halfway through the season for the first time in 2 years and they say it’s because they’re finally playing for each other.

“If you’re just playing for yourself, you’re not worried about playing for the next person, you take plays off for yourself and when you take a play off you’re killing the person next to you. You’re allowing a big play to happen that’s going to make them work harder” Says Jacob Anderson, Pacelli Senior Quarterback. “

The Vikings know if they want to be on the winning side of things on Friday night, it’s going to take their best effort.

“It’s not hard to get these guys ready to play, its the rivalry game,” Says Mark Legree, Pacelli Head Coach. “The next thing is just trying to get more out of them. It’s going to be a tough game out there, but we got to take it to the next level if we want to win.”

“It’s going to be fact of who’s more disciplined, who plays smarter and who wants it more,” Says Anderson.

Kickoff is set for 7:30 pm at Brookstone School on Friday night.



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