Suspect Chased Victim in Traffic Before Shooting

Murder Suspect Markel Ervin Appears for Preliminary Hearing

A Columbus police detective recounted in graphic detail how Markel Ervin, armed with a 9mm handgun allegedly chased the victim, Destinee Virgin in traffic before unloading his firearm

in front of horrified witnesses.

According to court testimony, Destinee Virgin ran frantically from car to car pulling on door handles in a failed attempt to escape her killer.

A police investigator told the Judge multiple witnesses, including a former classmate watched in horror as Markel Ervin shot Virgin multiple times.

The teen took off to Harris County in the victim’s own vehicle where Deputy’s caught up with him but Ervin escaped into the woods before he was apprehended

The next day walking along I-185, not far from where law enforcement discovered Destinee Virgin’s car.

It was Ervin’s unique tennis shoe tread, located outside the vehicle that led to the warrant for his arrest and he still had the victim’s credit card in his pocket.

High profile criminal defense attorney Stacey Jackson represents the teen.

The typically outspoken attorney, Jackson appeared reserved after the hearing.

“The only thing that I really have to say right now it’s still early in the investigation uh as the Detective said the car is still being processed uh I’m assuming whatever foot prints or whatever that was mentioned during the hearing is still being processed so it’s probably really a little bit too early to give any other comment on the case so far,” Jackson said.

As ghastly details of the crime emerge, so too did questions by court observers about potential punishment.

At 17, Markel Ervin is not eligible for the death penalty.

A 2005 Supreme Court decision, Roper v Simmons declared it unconstitutional to seek capital punishment for any suspect under the age of 18 at the time the crime is committed.

Judge Julius Hunter, citing the nature of the case declined to set bond.

Markel Ervin’s case is bound over to Superior Court where a Judge will again decide if bond is appropriate in this case.

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