More Rain

Not As Active This Weekend

A southward kink in the jet stream, which is the bus driver of storms across the northern hemisphere, is taking shape in the western half of the country. In response downstream, a southerly breeze is developing out of the Gulf of Mexico. This wind flow allows for a deeper plume of higher humidity to run into a slowing/stalling cool front. The end result is more widespread showers and thunderstorms over the next couple of days. Any thunderstorm can be accompanied by damaging wind gusts flash flooding. Heads up!

Wet weather will no longer be limited to the afternoon and evening hours, although that is when the bulk of action will take place Wednesday and Thursday.

The front noted above will weaken and fall apart later this week and into the weekend, allowing for less coverage and duration to the thunderstorms. So, keep your outdoor weekend plans, but remember that it can still thunderstorm.

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