Scholar Athlete: Harris County Football, Sebastian Russell

Harris County starting outside linebacker Sebastian Russell has always performed well in the classroom, but growing up he never thought his grades would be good enough for an Ivy League.

“My dad used to always joke with me at the house about, ‘you know keep your grades up’ and all that stuff you know, Harvard will come looking for you, and then my coach texted me one day and said I had a coach from Harvard calling him about me and I went up there a couple weeks later for a football camp and you know it is definitely exciting,” says Harris County senior outside linebacker Sebastian Russell.

Sebastian has the grades to get there with a 4.0 GPA, is in all honors, and multiple clubs, but his heart is rooted in wanting to serve in the military.

“My grandfather, he was a coach at West Point in the ’70s and ’80s and he has always talked to me about West Point. I’d like to go there because I want to be an officer in the United States Military,” says Russell.

He’s on the right path as he is very involved in junior ROTC at Harris County and was chosen to be the company commander this year.

“You just oversee everything, just make sure the people below you do every thing right. Chain of command is just doing everything the best they can setting an example for the young people so I’m excited,” says Russell.

Many of the qualities found in junior ROTC, as well as the military, like unity, translates on to the football field for Sebastian.

“Brotherhood. Just being with my brothers everyday. I have been playing with these guys ever since I was little, 5 years old, 6 years old, so that’s the awesome thing about Harris County is you don’t go to all these different high schools theres just one in here so I think that is my favorite thing about playing football here,” says Russell.

Congratulations to Sebastian Russell of Harris County high school, this week’s WLTZ scholar athlete.

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