Summer, It Is!

Limited Late-Week Thunderstorms

As the Summer season winds down, Mother Nature is serving up some of the hottest weather of the season. Although a shift in the wind from the southeast will ease the throttle on the highest heat, it will remain above average the rest of this week with 90+ degrees on the docket. Wednesday afternoon will even feature a heat index in excess of 100 for some areas.

That wind shift later this week will also usher in slightly higher humidity. The combination of some sunshine and slightly higher humidity will be enough to allow for hit/miss afternoon and evening thunderstorms by Thursday and Friday.

Most of this weekend will be rain-free, but if you have outdoor plans it’ll be best to keep an eye to the sky later in the day as a thunderstorm can form. The Autumnal Equinox; start of the Fall season, is official at 9:54pm edt Saturday. Fortunate or not, it will continue to feel like Summer.

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