Scholar Athlete: Pacelli School Volleyball/Basketball, Jordyn Dawson


Jordyn Dawson plays volleyball and basketball at St. Anne Pacelli School and is currently enrolled in 5 college courses and maintains a 4.0 GPA.

“I’ve been here since Kindergarten, so I’m kind of a lifer,” Said Dawson. “This school really understands the work load and sports and I’m so grateful for that”

Something new to Dawson this year, is playing volleyball instead of tennis.

“I played tennis my entire life. I had state and national level qualifications so to just drop that some people were like ‘thats a little crazy’, but my parents always told me follow your dream and follow your passion. I didn’t have a passion for tennis anymore so I took up something new”

Another thing Dawson has a big passion for is Law.

“Last year we had a debate in Literature class and I won my debate. It’s always been between law and medicine for me and that was a decision point, I want to be a lawyer”

As an aspiring layer Dawson knows the work to come will be tough, but she’s confident because of those around her.

“The team and coaches really push you to do your best. You need friends and family in your life like that to help you succeed. My family’s behind me on everything and so are my friends and it’s a great atmosphere to be in, especially going into law”

Congratulations to Jordyn Dawson, WLTZ’s Scholar Athlete of the Week.

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