Eufaula Primary School Receives State Grant to Set Up Chicken Coop for Students

Kids at Eufaula primary school are getting the chance to raise and take care of their own chickens.

The school received a $1,000 grant through the Alabama Farmer’s Federation to start their coop.

Just this week, the school received another grant to extend their coop and have a chicken run, so the birds have some more space.

The kids clean their cage, help build the coop, they’re also learning how eggs are produced, and pretty soon, they’ll be hatching their own chickens to have at the school.

The teachers said they love giving their kids this opportunity to learn about life on a farm.

“I wish you could have seen their faces when they saw the first egg. It was right after we had our spa day for our chickens. We had our first egg that afternoon and the kids were so excited,” said Michelle Puckett, Assistant PE Teacher.

All the kids, from kindergarten to second grade, are able to be involved in taking care of the chickens.

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