Beware of Counterfeit Tickets Ahead of Auburn Vs. LSU Football Game

A big game coming up this weekend on the Plains against LSU.

Tickets are going for a hefty price.

“Tickets are $125,” said Stephen Naughton, Assistant Athletic Director for Ticket Sales & Operations.

But, the university and police warn fans that there are scammers out there selling counterfeit tickets.

“This weekend, with these larger rivalry games bringing more folks here, that’s when we usually have an uptick in counterfeit tickets,” said Lt. Jamey Presley with the Auburn Police Division.

Police and the university recommend buying tickets through LSU and Auburn’s ticketing office or the university’s authorized vendors. StubHub and ReplyBuy.

“We can track all those and get the data from all three of those sources,” said Naughton.

And know how to spot a fake ticket.

“Counterfeit is about the barcode now. So, you can have the good looking ticket, but that may be a bad ticket so you have to beware,” said Naughton.

That means, do not post that ticket on social media. Scammers can easily steal that barcode and make a fake one.

“You want to make sure that barcode is not compromised. They can take it on site and re-sell your ticket and yours is bad,” said Naughton.

As a last resource, if you need to buy a ticket from a scalper, make sure they are permitted with the city of Auburn.

The registered scalpers are issued a photo ID and a permit number.They are required to wear that on a lanyard outside their clothing.

“Be sure to ask for that. If they don’t have a permit, don’t register with that person,” said Lt. Presley.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

“If you feel uneasy about it, don’t make the purchase,” said Lt. Presley.

Be cautious and buy from sources that are genuine so you can enjoy this big game.

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