Eufaula City Schools Implement New Security Measures for All Campuses

Eufaula city schools have installed new security measures to protect their students and teachers.

“Parents trust us with their kids every day and we feel like that’s an important part in what we need to do,” said James Bailey, Director of Facilities & Safety.

For one, the doors at every school are locked at all times and visitors have to be buzzed in.

“It’s a camera system that the visitors push. The secretary is able to see them, talk to them and allow entry into the school,” said Bailey.

Something parents pushed to have.

“I feel better dropping my daughter off and letting her go to school here. So many kids are getting killed in schools and bringing guns. Kids should be kids and not worry about guns and all that crazy stuff,” said Sabrina Lynn, Parent to 5th grader.

“They expressed concern that they wanted something in place. Parents are very happy about that. This is something they wanted for a long time,” said Jina Rudolph, Eufaula Elementary School Principal.

Next. the school secretary has to scan visitor’s ID.

“It gives a short background on everyone who comes in and if there’s red flags, they know to notify individuals at the school,” said Bailey.

A badge is then printed out so everyone is accounted for in their schools.

Every school in Alabama also has a system in place called Virtual Alabama.

Schools upload their safety plans and floor plans, so local law enforcement can have access to it.

But, in the future, Eufaula City Schools want to tie their security cameras to that system so law enforcement can tap into those cameras as well.

“If we had a situation at a school and they couldn’t gain entry at that time, they could view and monitor from a safe location,” said Bailey.

All these measures in place to keep school a safe place to learn and grow.

“As our world changes and society changes, we have to be proactive. We have to do everything to protect our student and faculty,” said Bailey.

As of now, Eufaula city schools have opted out of the sentry program. A program Alabama Governor Ivey supported to arm Alabama teachers.

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