T-Storms On The Prowl Tuesday

Tracking Major Hurricane Florence

A stationary front draped from New York State to Louisiana will combine with the Summer humidity to ignite an occasional batch of thunderstorms. Although no prolonged bout of rain, nor severe weather, is expected, there will be an occasional shower or thunderstorm to contend with through the middle of this week. The main time frame will be from the midday hours until late evening.

Enough sunshine is expected in-between the raindrops where above average heat for this time of year will continue. Matter of fact, WLTZ First Weather believes the month of September will stay above average in the temperature department.

Meanwhile, major hurricane Florence will be pushing toward the Carolina coast later this week. The end track of the storm is not etched in stone yet, so continue to check back for the latest. For now, a late Thursday or Thursday night landfall is expected. If the storm stalls, massive flooding can be expected for our neighbors. It’s also possible that parts of northeast Georgia can pick up some of Florence’s moisture, but that’s if the storm can track toward the Appalachians and wobble back toward the southwest next week. On the flip side, if Florence stays across North Carolina, more sun and heat can be expected down our way in time for the weekend.

Farther out to sea, Hurricane Helene should remain over the open waters of the Atlantic, and pose no threat. However, Hurricane Isaac will head toward the Caribbean later this week. Definitely stay tuned!

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