“A Smile That Tells A Story”


Two years ago Kentavious Ligen asked Beauregard’s head football coach Rob Carter if he could be a part of the team.

“We had to check with his teacher and his family and then you are kind of apprehensive, but I’m not anymore and he doesn’t want to be treated anyway special, you know, he just wants to be a part of the team just like any of them,” says Beauregard head football coach Rob Carter.

Kentavious has a disability that places him in special needs classes at Beauregard, but on the football feild he fits right in.

“Oh he’s extremely strong and they talk about how hard it is to move him,” says coach Carter.

“He doesn’t miss a beat. We run the hills with the tires. He doesn’t miss a beat and for somebody to put all the work he does and not miss a beat and still smile, it says a lot,” says Beauregard defensive line coach Michael Williams.

The only thing Kentavious refuses to do is make excuses. He holds his teammates accountable and lifts them up during practice and in games.

“He is like, ‘okay lets go.’ It is like having another coach on the field and when i’m slacking in an area, he’ll pick me up. He will say ‘hey you are not doing that right, you need to do it like this’ and you know a lot of the other kids they look up to him sometimes when they are having a bad day, or they are down and he is always smiling, so you can’t help but draw close to that kid you know what I mean,” says coach Williams.

While Kentavious teaches not only his teammates, but his coaches life lessons each day, the biggest lesson to be learned is to soak up every minute of happiness spent playing the game.

“No matter what, it’s just a game. Have fun, play hard, and still enjoy it,” says coach Carter.

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