Scholar Athlete: Auburn High School Football, Abdul Mohammed


It goes without saying that Auburn High School takes their football seriously and ever since Abdul Mohammed moved to the United States from Ghana, he’s wanted to help the team win.

“My junior year I was a backup running back to one of our great players, so I got the chance to move to a different position this year to play and help the team out any way I can,” Said Abdul Mohammed.

Abdul is a leader on his team and on top of his effort on the field, he takes AP courses and currently has a 3.7 GPA.

“Being an AP student and a student-athlete at the same time can put a little bit of pressure on you, but if you’re able to manage your time well it’s very good.”

Balancing football and academics didn’t always come easy to Abdul, shortly after he and his family moved from Ghana to the States he had to prove to his family that he could excel in the classroom before he could play football.

“After my freshman year in high school when I first moved here my grades didn’t come out too good. My dad told me that if I want to play football and go to school, I have to show him that I can handle both. After my first year of playing football and going to school, I came out with good grades. All A’s and one B. He was very proud of me and that’s why he continued to let me play football”

Congratulations to Abdul Mohammed, WLTZ’s Scholar Athlete of the Week.

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