No Extreme Heat

No Change In Humidity

The remnant moisture from once Tropical Storm Gordon continues to fan out across the Gulf states to the Ozarks.   While a little rain will brush up against some of the Alabama counties that border the Chattahoochee, most of this evening will be rain-free.   Meanwhile, across Georgia, there will be nothing more than a stray thunderstorm early tonight.

Quieter weather will be the general rule of thumb over the coming days.   Outside of a seabreeze thunderstorm popping up in a couple spots late each afternoon or evening, the majority of the time should be rain-free.   That said, the Summertime humidity will go absolutely nowhere.

Farther east, in the central Atlantic Ocean, Hurricane Florence is moving toward the eastern seaboard of the U.S.    It is not etched in stone, but that hurricane may try to take a run at the outer banks of North Carolina later next week.   Florence is not a Columbus storm.   However, another storm developing over the southeast Atlantic may very well become Helene before the week is out.   Stay tuned.

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