Lanett Airport Set to Open Soon to Serve Area Industries & Promote Economic Development

The Lanett airport is almost complete. The 10 year project is focused primarily on serving area industries and promoting economic development in Chambers County.

A $7 million project seeded by Senator Richard Shelby. Through his effort, the Federal Aviation Administration funded 90%, with the State of Alabama funding 5% and the City of Lanett matching that with another 5%.

“A lot of people don’t realize the economic impact an airport has in today’s business environment. We continue to have people inquire the length of our airport, what size planes are landing, it makes a major difference today of where people will be locating,” said Kyle McCoy, City of Lanett Mayor.

There are 10 to 12 industries within a five mile radius of the airport and even more around Chambers County.

Lanett’s revamped airport will allow easy access to those companies and the county via corporate jets.

“Our main benefit of the airport is to support industries here, especially in industrial parks. CEOs can fly in and check their investments,” said Ryan Pearce, Lanett Regional Airport Engineer.

Phase two includes paving and new lights for the 4400 foot runway.

“It will serve the businesses that are around the airport, especially in the neighboring industrial development parks and also with any future phases to expand to the South for any growth needed for the area,” said Pearce.

The primary use of the airport is to serve their current industries and recruit future ones. But, the public can also use it to. To fly in for game day, or to visit Lanett and surrounding cities.

The plan is to have the airport finished by the end of the year and fully functioning by the beginning of 2019.

But in the future, they hope to secure funding for a terminal project, so pilots or CEO’s can meet. They also want to build a new entrance road from I-85, so it can provide easy access in and out of the airport.

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