Auburn High’s Abdul Mohammed Finds His Passion for Football in America


Four years ago Abdul Mohammed and his family moved to America from Ghana.

“Everybody talks about America, it’s like you know the land of the free and all of that so I was excited because I haven’t seen my dad in so long,” says Auburn high school senior running back Abdul Mohammed. 

Abdul’s father had been studying in the states and moved his family to America for a better education.

“Everything is way better. You guys have computer’s, tablets, computer labs. Back home everything is like, we still do it in the old fashion way. We have to learn from books. There is no online stuff, so when I see people like not taking advantage of that stuff it’s like, you do realize there is people in other nations that are struggling to have what you have,” says Mohammed. 

As a freshman he wanted to find a way to fit in, so he turned to football, just not the football they are used to playing back in Ghana. When he told his family he was going to try out for the team at Auburn high school, they laughed.

“They laughed at me because they were like, ‘oh football, like what are you going to do.’ All I knew was like you guys hit each other in the sport, so when I came out here, actually my first day, nobody noticed it, but I had everything on me backwards. Everything I wore was backwards, my gurdal, my shoulder pads, everything was backwards, so after the first day I started learning it, I started making friends that actually taught me what to do,” says Mohammed. 

Abdul eventually figured things out and even made the varsity football team as a running back. His favorite memory is running the ball into the endzone for his first touchdown.

“The stands were full, you know I scored and I got to the sideline and the whole team was literally there waiting for me to come you know and then they started hugging me and showing me all of the support and love and to date I still keep that in mind,” says Mohammed. 

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