Carjacked Mom: I Was Calling Jesus

Grant Chastain Fled from Airport Job After Allegedly Seeing Guns

The carjacked mom who didn’t know the fate of her four year old said she was calling Jesus after the suspect took off with her four year old inside.

According to court testimony police believe 23 year old Grant Chastain might have been high on cocaine when he bolted from his job and started pouncing on cars during rush hour traffic.

Shikisha Staton came to Chastain’s aid because she thought he was injured.

“The way that he came towards me it’s like he was just a regular person like he was crying holding his self,” the mother of the four year old, Shi’Kisha Staton said.     

But the good Samaritan quickly realized Chastain had other intentions and he took off in the car with her four year old son still strapped inside.

“I prayed. I prayed. I prayed. The only thing I was doing was just calling Jesus. I didn’t say no other words. It was, I wasn’t even in my right, I was numb,” the boy’s mother said.

Chastain led police on a chase across three counties before crashing into a Harris County Deputy and then he  managed to steal the Deputy’s truck too before he was apprehended on Highway 85.

The four year old was recovered unharmed  and his mom was ready to set the record straight outside the courtroom.

“I just want to make this clear. I did not leave my child in the car. I did not go inside of Bojangles. I want to make that clear. I did not leave my child in the car. I actually stood right like right in front of the driver’s side headlight.”

Police testified they found a small bag of cocaine in the suspect’s pocket at the time of the arrest.

Grant Chastain is currently being detained in the Muscogee County Jail .  His case is bound over to Superior Court.


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