Coming to Carver Was A Life Changing Decision for Corey Joyner and His Family


For Carver Head Football Coach Corey Joyner, the beginning of 2018 was full of decisions that would change his life both on and off the field. The past 18 years he had been coaching at Dougherty High School in Albany, Georgia, a place his family called home, But much more than just football led him to Carver.

“My daughters autistic and she’s non-verbal,” Said Joyner. “The plan that they had for her and the school system support, we know that she’s going to be in a better place.”

The decision to move away from home also effected his family and his son Jaylen, who was a first team all region quarterback at Dougherty last year.

“That was the biggest decision I had to make in my life, to know that we all have to make these sacrifices in order for our daughter have a better life and better support system around her. [Jaylen] was on board, he said ‘let’s go daddy’

As for Jaylen’s time at Carver, he’s helped lead the Tigers to a 2-0 start and as for his sister Ja’Noah, she’s making progress as well.

“The other day we were in the bed, me, my wife, Ja’Noah and my youngest son. My youngest son thinks he’s [Ja’Noah’s] teacher. He’s trying to teach her different words, then she raised her hands in the air and said ‘Go Tigers’. Tears just rolled down our eyes because anytime she says something it’s a blessing.”

Rather the Tigers win or lose on Friday nights, Ja’Noah will be there right next to her dad.

“Once I turn around after the game she’s normally the first one to come greet me and give me a kiss. That’s always a joy as a coach to have your family right next to you win, lose or draw.”

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