Rapper Tommie Mullins “Orchestrated” Pizza Hut Murder

Mullins Charged with Murder of Branden Denson in Pizza Hut Parking Lot

Tommie Mullins, another local rapper orchestrated the entire plan, the armed robbery and cold blooded murder of Brandon Denson according to Police Investigators.

Mullins allegedly congratulated the gunman after the deadly deed according to court testimony.

“You don’t have any evidence of it. It’s easy to make a claim,” Mullin’s defense attorney Stacey Jackson said.

For the second day in Recorder’s Court , investigators cited phone records and a mystery eyewitness to the shooting who identified Tommie Mullins as the master mind of the plot to murder Branden Denson and Dover Coppins as the trigger man.

Criminal Defense attorney Stacey Jackson says there is no mystery about the witness. Jackson says the eyewitness is Eric Spencer, the third codefendant whose fingerprint was found at the scene.

“Eric Spencer basically turned state’s evidence and tried to tip, to provide information uh to the police in an attempt to um I guess release the pressure off of himself,” Jackson said.

The victim’s parents told investigators they knew their son had a brief case of pot when he left their home and they knew he was meeting somebody named KOK TJ“.

Investigators testified “KOK TJ is the rap name used by Tommie Mullins.

“It’s not necessarily my client. Do you know how many individuals that might be nicknamed TJ out there?

TJ? or Little Black or Little Tony?'” Jackson said after the preliminary hearing.

The popular defense attorney at one point suggesting the victim set himself up engaging in criminal activity.

“When you have an individual such as Mr. Denson involved in the type of business dealings that he was involved in or alleged to be involved in um you may have a, create a lot of enemies or you make yourself if not enemies, you could possible make yourself a target,” Jackson said


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