Arraignment Hearing Set for Derrill Richard Ennis

Man Accused of Kidnapping & Murdering Lori Slesinkski

Derrill Richard Ennis sits in the Lee County detention center on two charges of capital murder for the disappearance of Lori Slesinkski 12 years ago.

Thursday morning, the prosecution and defense met in Judge Jacob Walker’s courtroom to set an arraignment date.

“We are following the same procedure that any post indictment would. He will be arraigned, formally charged, enter his plea and that will get in the queue for trial,” said Lee County District Attorney Brandon Hughes.

Lori’s parents were also in the courtroom, but declined to comment on Ennis’ return.

But, the prosecution said the family wants to stay close to the case.

“They want to be involved in the process and we want to accommodate them as best we can. So, they are aware and can be here when they want to be,” said Hughes.

Motive and evidence leading to Ennis’ arrest have not been revealed.

“I don’t want to do anything to poison the jury and the law I’m bound by right now. I can say he’s charged with capital murder and is innocent until proven guilty,” said Hughes.

The prosecution also said its too early to tell if they’ll be seeking the death penalty.

“We’re at no position to address that yet,” said Hughes.

Both sides are now preparing for the arraignment hearing scheduled for August 29.

“These are just charges and he’s fighting those charges. He remains innocent until we overcome that burden,” said Hughes.

Because of the capital murder charges, Ennis, at this time, has no bond.

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