Victim to Rapists: Your turn to feel the pain

Victim Raped, Tortured and Burned Alive in Brutal New Year's Attack

The victim in this case suffered unthinkable torture. She was gang raped repeatedly, shot ten times, set on fire and left for dead.
But she survived and courageously squared off against her three attackers here making sure they were convicted in a court of law.

Robert Johnson, Ketorie Glover and Joey Garron appeared all smiles as they waited to be sentenced in Superior Court today.

All three men were convicted of multiple charges including kidnapping, rape, aggravated sodomy and arson for the New Year’s attack that left the city stunned in 2014.

“There are not words to express how disgusting and reprehensible their crime was,” Assistant District Attorney Sahdana Dailey said.

The victim testified these were the faces of evil responsible for kidnapping her at gunpoint , taking her to a remote field off Farr Road where she was tortured and sexually assaulted for hours. Today she said it was there turn to feel the pain.

“She was so brave and she was ready to tell everyone what happened,” Dailey said.

Detective Lance Deaton who spent more than a decade working violent crimes told the court this was the worst he’d ever investigated.

Expressing similar sentiments, Prosecutor Sahdana Dailey asked for life without parole which defense attorneys challenged saying the convicted couldn’t get life without parole if there was no death but the state argued that was an outdated Georgia Statue and the Judge agreed citing current case law.

Through their court appointed attorneys the trio expressed remorse but the prosecutor shot back they were only sorry they got convicted.

“They were not sorry at all. They were sorry that they got caught. They thought that they could fool a jury and the jury saw right through them, ” Daily told First News.

Calling it the most brutal testimony he’s ever heard on the bench, Superior Court Judge Art Smith proceeded to throw the book at the convicted rapists stacking consecutive life sentences in such a way none of them will ever see the light of day outside of prison again.

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