Operation Street Sweep Targets Notorious Neighborhoods

Special Operations Unit Makes 104 Arrests During Six Day Sting

Dubbed Operation Street Sweep, the Columbus Police Department combined good old fashioned detective work with Intelligence led policing, technology to zero in on those crime ridden areas.

Special units with the Columbus Police Department spent six days around the clock looking for the city’s most wanted criminals.

“We were looking for wanted people, we were looking for drug dealers, we were looking for homicide suspects, armed robbery suspects…. the whole gamut,” Major JD Hawk said.

And they found them, one after another breaking minor traffic laws like running a stop sign , no brake lights or having a cracked windshield.

“And by paying attention to the smaller violations a lot of times it leads to a bigger fish, and that’s what a lot of these did. ” Major Hawk said.

Like Jeremy Hildebrand who was arrested and charged with 12 counts of criminal gang activity including kidnapping and hijacking a motor vehicle.

Hildebrand caught the attention of cops for failure to maintain his lane.

Police Major JD hawk tells first news many times the worst violators don’t even live in these neighborhoods.

They roll into town, bringing the crime with them.

“I’ve been doing this for 40 years and there is some great people in this City and they don’t deserve to live with people coming into their neighborhoods and totally disrupting and taking it over putting them in fear to even go outside their door and fear to even talk to the police. We want to help, ” Major Hawk said.

Police are hoping to open lines of communication with the public saying it’s difficult to show up on a homicide scene with 40 witnesses but nobody wants to talk.

They say they need the community’s help attacking crime.

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