Box Office Preview: August 10, 2018

"The Meg", "Black Klansman", "Slender Man", and "Dog Days" crowd into theaters this weekend

Four new movies open in wide release this weekend — which one figures to take the biggest “bite” out of the box office? David Daniel has our forecast.

“My God. It’s a Megalodon.”

“He’s kidding, right?”

The super-sized shark flick “The Meg” swims into cinemas with Jason Statham facing off against a mammoth sea creature thought long extinct. Analysts predict the thriller will top the weekend box office, but with only $20-to-22 million– a far cry from its reported budget of $150 million.

“The KKK is planning an attack.”

“We’ll need a white officer to play me when they meet face to face.”

Spike Lee returns with “Black Klansman,” about a black cop looking to infiltrate the local KKK chapter. The drama is getting strong reviews and is looking at a debut of $8t-to-12 million.

Filling out the field, box office watchers say “Slender Man” should open with anywhere from $8t-to-16 million — horror films can be difficult to track — and “Dog Days,” about strangers brought together by their four-legged friends, figures to “bow-wow” with less than $10 million.

In Hollywood, I’m David Daniel.