Some Heavy Thunderstorms

Quieter Weekend Weather

A stationary front across northern portions of Alabama and Georgia will work the daytime heating of our current humid air mass to help ignite showers and thunderstorms.   A couple of these storms will be accompanied with small hail and wind gusts over 40 mph, so heads up.   Thunderstorms will wind down shortly after midnight tonight, so if you’re a light sleeper, you may have to hold off on some sleep until later on.

Friday will feature a similar setup to today;  daytime heating of humid air, same stationary front, and a wave of low pressure tracking west to east along the length of that front to produce more showers and heavy thunderstorms.   While a thundershower may pop-up in any locale during the mid-afternoon hours, the bulk of activity is expected later in the day and lingering until just past midnight once again.

The stationary front will likely fizzle this weekend, leaving behind some sunshine and plenty of Summer heat.   Since there is no mechanism, other than the heating of the humid air, to ignite an afternoon thunderstorm, the coverage of wet weather this weekend is expected to be pretty small.    Most of next week, outside of Monday, should feature a similar pattern.    Stay tuned.

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