New High School, Police Force Highlight Back to School

Muscogee County School District Searching for Chief, 21 New Officers

A new high school and school police force highlight some of the major changes for the Muscogee County School District.

The Spencer High Greenwaves are all the buzz this back to school season with their brand new 56 million dollar state of the art high school.

Big changes are in store here in South Columbus and way beyond this year.

Spencer High School’s debut is all the rage in the District right now and superintendent Dr. David Lewis says the taxpayers investment will have a major impact not just on education but the entire community.

“We are the first high school as I’m told in the District or in the state actually to have the LED lights on our athletic field. It has a turf athletic field just a great opportunity for our students but also the fact of where it’s being built . We feel like it’s going to revitalize that entire area,” Superintendent Dr. David Lewis said.

Even if they weren’t coming back to a new school , many kids throughout the District tell first news they are fired up to be back.

“I’m excited. I’m ready to meet new people, have fun, see new teachers and my old friends,” rising Sophomore Makya Perry told First News.

The Muscogee County school District is also planning to roll out a new math series and a middle school computer program and most notable a new security program that involves the school’s own police force.

“Our Board voted to expand our police department actually to create a police department of 21 officers that will be deployed between our high schools and middle schools and then roatte as necessary to our elementary schools, ” Dr. Lewis said.

The School District is shopping for a new Chief and a place to house that new police headquarters which should be up and running by January.


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