Stormier Period Arrives

Summer Humidity

A hit/miss thunderstorm (more miss than hit) this evening will give way to another tranquil night.  However, a broken line of thunderstorm just south of the Tennessee/Alabama line will most certainly be watched closely.    Those storms will likely fizzle tonight before having the opportunity to make a splash here.   But, they will redevelop Thursday with the heating of the day, and arrive in our neighborhood during the afternoon and early nighttime hours.   Overall, the next couple of afternoons will be more active than of late.   While thunderstorms won’t be nearly stationary like earlier this week, isolated damaging wind gusts and hail are possible in any storm.

An afternoon thunderstorm is still possible this weekend, but a large part of the time will be partly sunny and humid; basically you’re typical Summertime flare!

Next week will generally be a lot quieter in the thunderstorm department, but not until after some heavy hitters on Monday.    Stay tuned.

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