Dave Nurnberg Takes Over As Northside’s Head Football Coach


The Northside Patriots welcome in a new head football coach for the first time since 2012 after Morgan Ingram stepped down.

Dave Nurnberg was named the new head coach back in January coming from St. Xavier high school where he served as an assistant coach.

This summer he has already looked to change the culture at Northside implementing his motto “F5”.

It stands for full go, focus, family, fearless, and finish, something the team has grabbed a hold to.

“He got us together and we picked key concepts that we believe is within our team and with all of those combinations, if we have one slacking then we are not going to be successful, but if we have everything together then we will be able to be good,” says Northside senior running back Frederick Davis Jr.

“Oh he’s crazy you know, he’s high tempo, and I love high tempo, and he’s out here, he’s grinding with us. If we’re running, he’s running,” says Northside senior quarterback Chandler Blanton.

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