Auburn City Schools Welcome their 13th Campus, A New Elementary School

Auburn starts school on Wednesday and with that, they are also welcoming their 13th campus.

A brand new 73,000 sq. ft. elementary school.

Creekside Elementary School took 14 months and $14 million to build, housing 38 2nd & 3rd grade classrooms.

And with the new build, their school resource officer said when it comes to safety and security, they can see clear across the school without any obstruction.

61 employees and 500 students will walk through those doors this week.

Monday, they had an open house for families and community leaders.

Before the school year started, they met with their teachers and parents to determine what it was they wanted in Creekside and goals they wanted in place when their children started this week.

They also have a brand new mascot, the Creekside Hawks.

The students will also get a chance to vote on their mascot’s name.

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