The Heat Is Back!

Little To No Wet Weather

What a turnaround over the past 24 hours!   Although there is plenty of moisture over the Gulf of Mexico, high pressure building in intensity across the region will keep a lid on most thunderstorms until next week.   That’s not to say it will be completely rain-free, but we’ll certainly be hard pressed to get wet in many areas.   So, get some outdoor plans, but keep in mind the heat is turned on high.   Daytime high temperatures this weekend will peak in excess of 90 degrees, and the heat index will approach 100 by early next week.

A weak cool front approaching from the northwest will weaken and stall before it has the opportunity to arrive on scene.  However, it will likely bring a larger coverage area for thunderstorms later next week.   Stay tuned, and stay cool.   Have a great weekend!

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