Sneak Peek: “Making It”

Premieres tonight at 10/9c on WLTZ

(NBC) Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman spent seven years together in the cast of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” and now they’re returning for something completely different.

Their new reality show “Making It” showcases “makers,” artsy-craftsy everyday people who can create something out of anything.

“This show I think is for people who want to be inspired to make things. It’s also just for people who want to watch people make things. It’s also for people who want to watch us goof around,” Poehler says.

One common thread is empathy.

“In crafting, there’s a group sensibility. It’s kind of tribal, that I really enjoy,” Offerman says.

Contestants came out of the woodwork to show their talents and will test their skills in a series of tasks.

“The faster challenge, each maker is given three hours to create something, and then in the second half of the episode, it’s about the master challenge,” says judge Dayna Isom Johnson.

That master challenge gives the makers 12 hours to complete a project and gives the judges a chance to peek behind the decoupage.

The creators hope this hand-made tale makes “Making It” an artisanal television experience.

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