Sam Hewitt says Missing Son fell Victim to Gambling Ring

Sam Hewitt Sr offers $25,000 Reward for Information about Missing Son

Sam Hewitt Jr disappeared without a trace more than two months ago.

His father, prominent local businessman Sam Hewitt Sr tells First News he thinks he knows exactly what happened to his son and wants those responsible held accountable.

Sammy Hewitt Jr’s 50th birthday came and went last month without a single word to family and friends.

His Dad tells First News Sammy worked for him on and off since he was a teenager but was sidetracked this past year with some personal issues including a serious gambling habit.

“They was some people that was involved in these gambling houses that’s got really really bad pasts and bad reputations and I feel and they tell me that he was flashing a lot of cash,” Hewitt said.

Hewitt Jr. was last seen on surveillance video at a bank and drug store near Cross Country Plaza Friday May 18th.

His dad believes he was headed to a card game in East Alabama.

Sam Hewitt Sr was told of organized crime and robberies at these card houses and specific plans to intercept  Sam Hewitt Jr and his large sum of money.

“I was told that they would put one car out in front and one behind and either use telephones or 2 way radios and say alright we picked him up , we behind him. We’re on road let’s just say 169 or 280. Unfortunately, my son was not the kind……to be intimidated,” Hewitt Sr said.

Police detectives declined to respond to Mr. Hewitt’s theory about his son’s disappearance or if they are closing in on any gambling accomplices.

They did say they need information.

“We need a break. We need a break. We need somebody who saw something, who heard something who knows something to come talk to us,” Lt Joyce Dent-Fitzpatrick said.

In the meantime Sam Hewitt Senior said he’s made a decision to keep going and searching for the truth.

“I’m not letting it go. And I’m gonna keep on till I get the people involved in it,” Sam Hewitt Sr said.

Sam Hewitt Sr is offering a 25 thousand dollar reward for information leading to the whereabouts of his son

and a separate five thousand dollar reward for locating his son’s custom truck.

Police have a crime stoppers tip line and you can remain anonymous.


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