Summer Heat Repeat

Stormy Run Next Week

A relative lull in thunderstorm activity is expected for the next few days, including part (or most) of this upcoming weekend.   Somewhat drier air in the wake of an East Coast storm system is allowing for slightly less humidity, along with the decline in thunderstorms.    You can certainly keep outdoor plans based on that forecast, but it’s not completely rain-free, so keep an eye to the sky.

The best locale for a stray afternoon thunderstorm Thursday through Saturday is south of Columbus, although the coverage area down the Hootch will remain pretty small.   This lack of thunderstorm activity will allow for more Summer heat.   High temperatures through this upcoming weekend will peak in the 90s.  The heat index will eventually reach 105-108, with the apex of it occurring Saturday.

A cool front will eventually approach from the northwest, tapping into higher Gulf humidity.  The result will be more numerous thunderstorms next week with daytime high temperatures back into the 80s.   Unfortunately, flash flooding may come back to haunt some areas as well.   Stay tuned.

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