Rough & Tough Weather Part Of This Weekend

No Extreme Heat

A relatively calm before the storm will be had throughout much of Friday night.   Given that we’re in between an exiting storm along the Carolina coastline and another dropping in from the Midwest, there will be little to no wet weather this evening, so enjoy.

Unfortunately, some heavy to severe thunderstorms will be developing this evening on the southern flank of that Midwest storm system.    The jet stream, which is angled from northwest to southeast, will help push some of those storms toward the Chattahoochee early Saturday morning.  The question mark is whether or not they lose some of their punch as they approach, or not.    For now, it’s best to plan for severe weather and have it turn out better.    Saturday afternoon’s weather is highly dependent on what happens with those storms Saturday morning.   The more intense and long-lasting the storms on Saturday morning, the less opportunity there will be for additional storms to reform later Saturday afternoon/evening.    However, if the storms are relatively weak and move away quickly Saturday morning, then there is ample time for the atmosphere to destabilize again later in the day for nasty storms.

The risk of severe weather may linger Sunday as this Midwest system stalls.  However, the coverage area should be much smaller.

Hit/miss afternoon storms will continue to develop for much of next week.

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