Cost to Repair Government Center Unclear

Company that made Replacement Parts Out of Business Now

The cost to repair the Government Center is likely to come with a hefty price tag.

The good news is the city has gone seven days now without another major crisis at the Government Center. The bad news is how much is all that flood damage going to cost taxpayers?

“I wish I had a good number. That’s why the adjusters keep coming back because we keep trying to make sure that we’re only allowed to do this one time so when they do release the claim and tell us how much money we have available to perform repairs we’ll know what it is,” John Hudgison said. Hudgison works for the City’s Codes and Inspections Department.

City officials are still tallying the damage down at the tower of power. John Hudgison says it’s because the building is so old the company they once used for replacement parts is now out of business.

“A lot of these things are outdated they don’t exist anymore so does the Insurance Company give us cost of trying to replace it with something equal orf a new system so those costs can fluctuate between a couple of thousand dollars or a couple you know tens of thousands of dollars,” Hudgison said.

In the meantime the city is coming up with crafty alternatives to keep up with the constant demands of the Justice System with limited courtroom space.
“There have been suggestions that we move out to Kmart. The problem of course with that is Kmart does not have holding cells . Kmart does not have a jury room. Much of the court’s business such as jury deliberations cannot simply take place in a corner of unused retail space, ” Chief Judge Gil McBride told First News.

The 10th and 11th floors of the Government Center remain closed to the public indefinitely but the Sheriff says all criminal cases have gone on as scheduled using other floors in the Government Center and Recorder’s Court for security purposes.

Civil cases are currently being heard in Harris County.

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