Dad: Benning Soldier Died Shielding Comrades

20 Year Old Corporal Joseph Maciel killed in Afghanistan


Few details are being released about the inside hit job on Fort Benning Soldiers serving in Afghanistan.

What we do know is that Corporal Joseph Maciel was shot dead on base, ambushed by the enemy, embedded as an Afghan police officer

The father of Corporal Maciel said Department of Defense officials told him his son died shielding his own comrades after an Afghan police officer opened fire.

“He protect his comrades, the other soldiers from harm,” Jose Leal, father of Joseph Masiel said.

Corporal Masiel was deployed with the newly activated 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade based at Fort Benning and tapped for counter terrorism missions that involve working closely with their Afghan counterparts on the battlefield in an effort to build a better rapport.

Masiel’s distraught family is choosing to focus on the good times though and a twenty year old who had a smile that could light up a room, who loved to laugh

and loved his country.

“I think he was very happy. I want him to be remembered as happy, not sadness because he loved what he was doing ,”

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about the incident including the fate of the Afghan shooter.

It is not known if the Afghan police officer is in American custody or if he was turned over to Afghanistan leaders to exact their own brand of justice.

The two other soldiers wounded in the attack are being treated for their injuries in Germany and currently listed in stable condition.

Corporal Joseph Maciel was killed in support of Operation Freedom Sentinel.

The newly formed 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade known as SFAB activated this past February on post as part of President Trump’s war strategy that included nearly two thousand more boots on the ground in Afghanistan.

Corporal Maciel’s death marks the third combat death in Afghanistan this year.

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